Established "Goldensunda Technology Co., Ltd." on 1999/11/23


“WTB P=1.25mm series” developed and begin mass production


“WTB P=2.0mm series” developed and begin mass production


Introduced wire processing and cutting machine, established "wire processing unit“


“WTB P=1.0mm series” developed and begin mass production


Connectors for LCD Inventor developed and begin mass production


Passed ISO 9001 2000 Certification


Successfully developed "WTB P=0.8mm full range" products and introduced fully automated machine equipment production
Successfully imported "Siemens Hearing Aid Correction Line"
Established the Division of Electronics Business


Develop “Bluetooth System”
Successfully received the “Japan DAYTONA Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Bluetooth Wireless Communication” foundry Successfully developed “car specification connector” and imported it into the western market 
Successfully imported “NEC” and obtained qualified supplier certification


Successfully developed and completed the "vehicle safety integrated control device" and obtained patents
『OUTDOOR AP』 Development completed
USB cable successfully imported  to the "North American BlackBerry e-book certification"


International Quality Association ISO 9001 2008 Edition Quality System Certification
Completed Taiwan‘s first full-double Bluetooth A to DP transmitter
International Quality Association “ISO 13485” Quality System Certification / “GMP Good Manufacturing Standards” Certification imported
Cooperated with Japanese companies to develop a radio-specific Bluetooth transmitter for use in professional radio manufacturers. For example: Motorola, KenWOOD, I Com, etc. 
Introduce blue buds into medical data transmission, help biotechnology companies develop “wireless three high measuring machines (blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids)”, and OEM wireless blood glucose machines and test strips to correct wafers


Cooperated with customer to develop human health care machine "transcutaneous nerve electrical stimulator"
International Quality Association "ISO 13485" quality system certification / "GMP Good Manufacturing Standards" certification passed 
"High power connector" product developed and begin mass production, used in electric surfboards, electric yachts


"Battery connector" product development and begin mass production, used in mobile phones, tablets, notebooks
Research and developed the "Bluetooth 4.0 Monitoring" related products


Research and developed the medical conductor transfer patches
Manufacturing parts for basic 3D printer with national universities 
Received commissioned development from the car factory to produce "vehicle wireless charging module"


Completed the development and integration of the "3D Printer" electromechanical parts and began selling DIY finished products kits. 
Start investing in social welfare activities


Approaching『EICC』 certification and『CE』 certification


Formally implement of factory integration
Received the latest IATF16949 certification
Passed ISO 9001: New certification 
Passed ISO13485 New certification